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Definition of a Contest: Choice of a winner based on some merit. A winner is chosen based on some criteria such as best content, most votes, etc.


Official rules for the Glowrize Weekly Voting Contest:

  • No purchase of any kind necessary.
  • No alternative method of free participation.
  • The Glowrize Weekly Voting Contest applies to the global population.  Must be at least 13 years old to be eligible for the Contest Prize.
  • The Opening date for the Glowrize Weekly Voting Contest is Monday May 6, 2019 at 12AM Eastern Time (US) and the scheduled termination date of the contest is indefinite (Prize eligibility restarting every Monday at 12AM Eastern Time {US} to the following Sunday at 8PM Eastern Time {US}) unless otherwise clearly stated by Glowrize.  The Glowrize Weekly Voting Contest is frozen (inactive) from Sunday at 8PM Eastern Time (US) to Sunday at 11:49PM Eastern Time (US) for maintenance and restart on Monday at 12AM Eastern Time (US).
  • Contest Sponsor: Glowrize Celebrity Rating, Rue Richard Vandevelde 49, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium.
  • Contest Prize Winner will receive one (1) 25 Euro PayPal Gift Credit which will be emailed to the Winner.  Odds of winning each week are at least 1:149 if only one Eligible vote is submitted each week and 7:143 if the maximum of 7 Eligible votes is submitted for the week (We expect an average of 150 total votes per week).
  • The Contest Prize will be awarded weekly (every Sunday at 8:10PM Eastern Time {United States}) via PayPal.
  • Manner of selection of Contest Prize Winners and when a determination of winners will be made:

The voter (Glowrize User) with the 100th vote of the week (Monday morning through Sunday night) will be declared the winner of the contest for the week (Must be an Eligible vote*).

*Total votes include a combination of all Eligible and Non-Eligible votes but the 100th vote MUST BE an Eligible vote for the declaration of a Contest Prize Winner.

1 Eligible vote per day means that Glowrize Users who rate and contribute to the Glowrize Celebrity Rating for each week will have a maximum of 1 Eligible vote per day (first vote of each respective day) and a maximum of 7 Eligible votes per week (first vote of each day of the week) for Contest Prize Eligibility.  Any votes above the daily and weekly maximums will still be valid for the Glowrize Celebrity Rating but NOT for Contest Prize Eligibility.

No winner will be declared for the week if the 100th vote is Non-Eligible or if 100 votes are not recorded in our system.

(Example 1: On Sunday at 8PM Eastern Time (US) we only have 96 total votes recorded.  Example 2: On a Saturday, we receive 99 total votes.  Between Saturday and Sunday at 8PM Eastern Time (US), we receive 10 additional votes, 1 Non-Eligible vote followed by 9 more Eligible votes.  We now have 109 total votes but no Contest Prize Winner as the 100th vote was Non-Eligible)

  • Glowrize will be fully transparent about total votes for the week and remind voters to encourage participation among their peers through liking and sharing.  The more weekly voters we have, the more likely we can identify a Contest Prize Winner. 
  • Contest Prize Winners will be announced weekly (every Sunday at 8:05PM Eastern Time {US}) with the Prize awarded immediately afterward.  Previous winner records will be maintained at our offices and can be furnished upon request.
  • Contest Prize is subject to change with notice from Glowrize.